Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nicholas & Alexandra & Jim & Meg

Description of May 17th:

Wedding: $300 or so, including the gown, the rings, and the food for the reception (it was 1969, my dad was on strike, so we held the reception at the house).

Honeymoon: $200 or so (we stayed at the weekend home of my husband's cousin).

Three years in Germany: free (he was in the service).

First home: $250/mo. rent, plus, let's see, I think $750 for the furniture (bedroom suite, sofa, and kitchen table and chairs. Everything else we cadged from the homes we had grown up in).

Kids: Don't even go there. One moved out at 24, the other at 25, so figure 29 years' worth of exponentially increasing expenses. My only regret: not having more kids.

36 years together: priceless.

And now, as the Buddhists say: After ecstasy, the laundry. Not that I mind doing laundry. Just coming down off the high of the past three days of having that Special Someone all to myself. Why read Anna Karenina, the story of adultery and its fruits, when I can read about one of the greatest love affairs of all time?

Currently Reading: Nicholas and Alexandra

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Mimi said...

I just reread "Nicholas and Alexandra" last summer (the Robert Massie one, right?) It was a great read.

Two other books you may enjoy, the first is a religious work is "An Englishman in the Court of the Tsar" and "The Kitchen Boy". The "Kitchen Boy" is a historical mystery, in a way, and not really Ortho-friendly, but a good read all the same.