Thursday, July 28, 2005

Failure is one of the courses in the menu of life....

"Failure is one of the courses in the menu of life. And I've never been a gal to pass up any of the courses." --Rosalind Russell, actress

No particular reason for posting this. I have just always liked and admired Rosalind Russell, who usually played roles that featured gutsy, classy "dames," as they were called in the '40s and '50s -- "Mame!" was one of her roles. In addition to being a very well-known actress, it was less well known that she was a faithful Catholic who never missed attending Mass -- how many modern actors and actresses can say the same?! So when I came across this quote, I just had to post it, for who among us has not known failure?

Keeping quiet and laying low these past several weeks. It's been hotter than hot (I nearly had heart failure when I read on my son's blog that he now understands why there was a near 100% mortality rate among firemen on the Trans Siberian Express), and, as I posted last year, I never do well in the heat. My heart can only bleed for those who are pregnant and imminent. The absolute worst month for having a baby, in my opinion, is September -- October is a close second -- but July and August are equally cursed. I had my son in June, and that was bad enough.

April, on the other hand, is a *delightful* month, and so, I would assume is May. (I don't have any experience with May.)

Cross stitching like mad on a gift for my sister, a piece done in "redwork" (all shades of red, actually shades of dusty pink) with five hearts in the center and a very elaborate border, and the words, under the hearts: "Love Grows in Our Home." Anyone who knows my sister, knows how true that is. (Besides, her carpet is the same shade of old rose as the floss that came with the kit.)

My next project, after the Dormition fast -- during fast periods, I try to work on the Golden Tikhvin Theotokos I posted some months ago -- will be a gift for my son. Christmas or birthday, depends on how fast I get it done. (Hint: Your walls are too bare, Chris.)


Mimi said...

I was born on the last day of August - I think my mom was nuts!

My kids are both winter babies!

Philippa said...

And failure is probably the most difficult course to eat!

Had my daughter in September. She was due Aug 31 but was 2 weeks late. Thought I was gonna die. My DH was in heaven as I had the a/c temp down to 65!!!! DD decided to show up Sept 14. She's still stubborn!