Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Peculiar Me

The first meme (here, anyway) of 2007. I got tagged by Philippa. Six things peculiar to me (I love Philippa's comment, "ONLY six?!" It's so apropos).

1) I really am not awfully fond of children, in general. Which does nothing to explain the fact that if I'd have my druthers, I'd have had at least six of my own. There's something about one's own offspring, who are altogether wonderful, sterling, and generally God's Gift to the Universe -- but Other People's Children aren't. Go figure.

2) I love watching Law and Order reruns. (Something Philippa and I have in common.) Also JAG reruns, and I'm not-quite-but-almost addicted to the JAG spin-off, NCIS. My favorite NCIS character is the Goth lab tekkie, Abby -- what's weird about that is that I am about as straight-up button-down as they come!

3) I love to sing Matins and Vespers. Ever since I had those music courses at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, I've been impossibly in love with singing Matins and Vespers. Mind you, I could never do this if I still had real people at home.

4) I am a certifiable Wool Snob. Wool Snobs are people who will knit with nothing else. Being a Wool Snob, I also love the critters who produce wool, namely, sheep. I'm told by local shepherds that sheep have an undeserved reputation for being stupid. They are not stupid, say the shepherds, just very, very wacky. Hmmm, I see a definite connection between me and them.

5) I always hang my laundry out of doors to dry, unless it's freezing cold. Then I hang it up indoors, on racks, to add moisture to the house. Even sheets. The worst, for me, is when it rains two weeks straight in the summer and I have to take it to the laundromat to dry it. Yecch.

6) I hate travel. Even train travel, and if I absolutely have to travel, the train is the only way to do it, in my not-so-humble opinion. But in general, I hate packing, I hate leaving my snug little haven, I hate going out into the wide world and living out of a suitcase for however long, and I even hate coming home again, because that means I've been away from home. Even going to the monastery in Jordanville, although once I'm there, it's the only place I really love besides home and my parish church. But I really dislike getting there and back, probably because we drive and I don't trust other drivers.

Whom to tag?? Philippa has already tagged Mimi, and already did this meme herself. Hmmm... Christa, Alana, and Catherine. Tag! You're it!


Mimi said...

How wonderful to get to know you better - a wool snob, I can relate. Not that I knit, but I like to wear wool.

And, Law and Order, you know, I've never really watched it. Apparently I should check it out.

Philippa said...

Well Miss Meg, we do have a lot in common.

#2 = Law & Order. I actually forgot about JAG, and that is a favorite too.

#6 = I hate travel too. Thus it is a miracle we met!

#5 = I LOVE to hang my laundry outside but don't because it is not good for the hubster's allergies.