Tuesday, June 07, 2005

One Last Time, till next year:

Tone 8: It is the day of Resurrection;/ let us be radiant for the festival,/ and let us embrace one another with joy./ Let us say, O brethren, even to those that hate us:/ Let us forgive all things on the Resurrection:/ and thus, let us cry:

Christos anesti ek nekron,/ thanato thanaton patisas,/ ke tis en tis mnimasi, zoin harisamenos!

Christ is risen from the dead,/ trampling down death by death,/ and on those in the tombs bestowing life!

Christos voskrese iz smertvikh,/ smertiu smert poprav,/ i sushnim vo grobekh zhivot darovav!


Catherine said...

Thanks for transliterating the Russian (Slovonic???). In my parish the non-English is generally Romanian, but we do have smatterings of other languages, as I am sure most parishes do.

Christ is Asended!

Catrin said...

The first comment was from me as well - would you believe that I forgot my blogger name - and found I have another one from long ago that never got used :)

Anyway, is there an easy way to tell the difference between spoke Russian and Slovanic?

Meg said...

Sorry, after an insane week I am just getting to this now.

They tell me there is a difference between the two. For example, the word for "I believe" in Slavonic is "vyeruyu" (accent on the second syllable), but as I found out when I sent one my Russian profs an e-mail with that subject header, the modern Russian word is, "vyeryu" (accent on the first syllable). So I guess if you speak Slavonic really, really fast, a Russian speaker couldn't really tell the difference....

Elizabeth said...

Hi Meg
I meant to thank you so much for the transliterated Slavonic and Greek versions:-)
They have been so useful !!