Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Apron Pic

Mimi had a great post about yesterday's having been Wear an Apron Day. With my usual Keeping on Top of Current Trends skill, I am a day late with this, but here is my apron pic. Note that, despite all the fussing I did over there about a real apron's having a bottom ruffle, mine doesn't. Sigh. What it does have is a gathered waist and a bib. If I were a lot thinner, the bib might actually cover something, but as it is, beggars can't be choosers, and at least this one has a bib and a pocket, the other essential for an apron.

I remember when these were standard wear, and no woman in any kind of mind, right or otherwise, would have been caught dead in her kitchen without her apron. On the other hand... Yesterday I was at a local cafe, where I go when I need to write (too many distractions at home), and I purchased a cuppa joe for the usual $1.00++. Some guy said to me, "Gee, remember when coffee was fifty cents?" And I had to laugh, as I came back at him, "I remember when coffee was ten cents." And I do.

I'm not kidding when I say I'm old.


Philippa said...

"With my usual Keeping on Top of Current Trends skill, I am a day late with this"

LOL! LOL! You are hilarious!

I LOVE your apron. It's just like you. Straight forward, no fancy words, just lay it out there, end of discussion.

THAT's why I think you're great!

Mimi said...

I LOVE it! You look awsome (and just how I pictured you!) and that apron, even without a ruffle, is fabulous!

I was telling my dad that it turns out that women who wore aprons were right, they DO make sense.

emily said...

I missed Wear an Apron Day? Darn. I looove my apron, it's got the coolest pattern:


Kids today, with their rock music and flashy aprons... ;-)

Meg said...

You guys are a riot! :-) I love you all!

Philippa, the apron actually has a big muffin stitched smack in the middle of the bib, and a little muffin stitched on the pocket. I almost didn't get it because, come on, *muffins*?!?! But I loved the tiny flower print on the skirt and ties, and just somehow knew that if I didn't get that apron, I'd end up regretting it. I went back to that shop a few months later, and there were no other aprons there.

Emily -- yeah. Today flashy aprons, tomorrow, who knows? Rampant, decadent domesticity? Heaven forfend!! ;-)

Mimi, thanks for the compliment! I don't know about "awesome," but "babushka" -- DEFINITELY. I had Jim take this snap with my cell-phone camera, and he was so flustered: "technology-dammit," is how we express such moments around here. So what's with your dad, he doesn't believe in aprons or something?! That's so '70s. vbeg