Sunday, May 13, 2007


Dear Philippa has a nifty new thingie on her site called "Menologion." I followed the link, and now I have it too! I think hers is for the New Calendar, and mine is for the Old Calendar, so between us, we have the bases covered. ;-)

Chris is home for the weekend, and took me out to dinner for Mother's Day, along with Jim. We went to a seafood place, where I had a chicken Caesar salad -- Jim said, "Don't you want seafood?" and I replied, "When you eat seafood half the year, you learn to appreciate the half the year you don't have to." Ah, Orthodoxy.

(And I'm dying to add a family anecdote, about the year my son and daughter collaborated on a Mother's Day card for me that was signed, "Happy M---er's Day." The knitters among us will understand that there are certain words best not uttered aloud among us woolfolk.)

My third book is finished, at least the first draft. I plan to let it sit for a month or two until it's thoroughly out of my system, then go back and look for the inconsistencies and start editing it, cleaning it up, tightening the plot, and all that. Meanwhile, I'm at work on the fourth in the series, "Russians Unorthodox." It's completely unlike any of the other three; for one thing, it's told in the first person, and for another, I'm hoping to make it funny, at least in spots.

Oh, and I expect to edit the one book, "An Unorthodox Spy," and break it down into two books, which it was originally, only I couldn't think of a title for the second book. So if you happen to see references to "The Unorthodox Christian," and have already read the "Spy" blog, you've already read the first two books. Clear as mud?


emily said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Philippa said...

Happy Mother's Day...a day late!