Sunday, June 17, 2007

You Must See This

Over on the right are links to my favorite blogs ("Other Sheep of This Fold"). Click on Nancy's (Treasured Heart) to see something that -- well, it took my breath away. You do have to let it run for a couple of seconds before you realize what it's about, and turn up the sound -- it's well worth it.

Update: Paul Potts won the competition! Elizabeth, God bless her, has posted all three of his performances on her blog, and when I clicked on over to You-Tube, there was also a clip of the announcement that he was the winner. Just thrilled for this guy, and so very, very pleased that culture is not dead, after all.


Elizabeth said...

Wasn`t it glorious, Meg ?

I do so hope he wins the competition tonight. With a voice like that, he should.

He seems like such a sweet, unassuming, self-effacing humble guy.
I hope things work ouy well for him .....

Catherine K. said...

That was wonderful, and certainly unexpected. I wish him luck, he has a wonderful talent.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this!