Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Four (More or Less) Hours of Fame

Not sure if this is appearing on national news, and I guess I won't find out for another hour or so, but if you have seen -- yes, Rochester, NH, is where we live. I found out about this when attempting to run a couple of errands downtown -- pick up a finished cross stitch, and drop some sheets off at a local laundromat (we don't have a dryer, and it's below freezing outside).

All the local stations have been running this story, and the inaccuracies I've heard -- our fanciest restaurant described as a "bar," a 72-hour drinking bout on the part of the hostage-taker described as a 48-hour drinking bout, his "being Known to police" (as in, "Oh, yeah, this guy has a major criminal record") being the result of having grown up with half the cops on the force -- well, it's been an Education, in terms of just how accurate the media is. But you already knew that, right? ;-) I mean, look what they do to Orthodoxy....

I should add that no one seems to know quite why he picked on Hillary's campaign headquarters, but it seems perfectly clear to me that surely, he is of the opinion that the fewer Hillary supporters there are in the world, the better. Not that I would advocate this particular method of reducing their numbers, but I have been truly astonished by the number of brainless idiots -- I mean, Hillary supporters there are in these here parts. My secret hope is that this will convince the Democratic Party that this woman is way too controversial to be electable, and they will hand the nomination to someone with at least marginal brains. (Naming no names here...) But I'm not too convinced that that will actually occur.

Meanwhile, I sure hope I can get my sheets taken care of tomorrow. Sigh.


Mimi said...

Oh - I DID hear that on the news, I didn't realize it was your neck of the woods.

I tend to vote Democratic, but I am certainly not planning on supporting her run for the Presidency. Sigh. I suspect she'll get the nomination though.

Meg said...

I have a horrible feeling she will. It galls me to think that the Democratic nomination will probably be decided on the basis of race or gender, when there are several other much better qualified candidates to give the Republicans a run for their money. I usually vote Republican, but I'd consider John Edwards, for one.

Mimi said...

Interesting, I think her momentum is far less about her gender than about her "name".

I also like John Edwards.